If we are serious about building a Commonwealth that embraces the principles of equality and opportunity for everyone, we must address the fact that, even today, women face unfair obstacles in their everyday lives. Every young woman should grow up knowing, not hoping, that they will be treated equally. Martha is proud to have received the endorsement of Emily’s List, NARAL, and Planned Parenthood; she is a fearless and devoted advocate who has fought, and as Governor will fight, every day for the economic and social interests of women and their families throughout the Commonwealth.

“Martha Coakley has been a tireless champion for women's health throughout her career. Her long and consistent record of fighting for health care access, public safety, and reproductive rights distinguishes her among the field of candidates. Massachusetts can count on Martha…” – Marty Walz, President of the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts.

As Governor, she will make it her priority to ensure that:

  • Women are paid an equal wage for equal work and have the same economic opportunities as their male counterparts. With women accounting for 40% of primary breadwinners, this effort is critical to ensuring fairness for working families in the Commonwealth.
  • We reduce obstacles to high-quality health care by protecting a woman’s right to access affordable contraception and reproductive health care, without fear of harassment or intimidation, and increasing the number of primary care doctors in predominantly female specialties.
  • Develop better strategies to ensure that women feel safe in their communities, including on college campuses, and that victims of sexual assault or domestic violence have access to appropriate services.

  • Our family leave and educational policies are fair to women, who are frequently the primary caregivers to children and elderly relatives.

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Photo Credit: 2014 Martha Coakley