Transportation and Infrastructure

Decades of underinvestment have left us with roads and bridges that are crumbling and a public transportation system that is seriously outdated. The condition of the Commonwealth’s transportation system and other public infrastructure is critical to supporting our economy, promoting economic growth in every region, and reducing our impact on the environment. Meaningful investment in our infrastructure now will help ensure economic prosperity and save Massachusetts’ taxpayers millions of dollars in the future. We must:

  • Expand public transportation infrastructure to better connect businesses, workers, and consumers to each other, and to economic hubs across the state, from metro Boston to Springfield.
  • Make meaningful investment in repairing our roads and bridges, in order to make them safe and functional for the long-term.
  • Support zoning reforms and incentives that promote smart-growth development, which combines dense housing and business development with access to transit, preventing sprawl, providing multiple housing options, and opening up transportation options for residents.
  • Support the manufacturing and telecommunications infrastructure that our high-tech and advanced manufacturing companies rely on, and that will attract similar companies to every region of the Commonwealth.

  • Ensure that Massachusetts remains a premier destination for international and domestic trade and tourism, because together they add billions of dollars to our economy every year.
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Photo Credit: 2014 Martha Coakley