Public Safety and Gun Control

Martha has spent her entire career in public service working to make the people of Massachusetts safer. Martha has sat with numerous families impacted by violent crimes, and prosecuted hundreds of dangerous criminals, including cases involving gun violence. She knows what works, and knows how to tackle the public safety challenges we still face; she is proud to have received the endorsement of the Massachusetts Coalition of Police, Massachusetts Police Association.

In order to make our homes, schools, and communities safer we must:

  • Shift funding from prison expansion to focus on crime prevention and prisoner rehabilitation, including diversion, education and job training programs for court-involved or incarcerated individuals, and an expanded network of supports for individuals transition back into society, including behavioral health counseling. This effort will bring down costs, reduce recidivism and improve public safety.
  • Continue to pressure our federal partners to pass comprehensive gun control legislation that will ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines, implement universal background checks, and close the gun show loophole, efforts that are critical to stemming the tide of illegal guns currently coming into Massachusetts from states with looser gun laws.
  • Expand support for organizations and programs throughout Massachusetts, including school-based interventions, nonprofit organizations that provide safe havens, and summer jobs programs, which provide young people with a viable alternative to violence.
  • Meaningfully address the behavioral health aspects of violent crime, including making it more difficult for at-risk individuals living with mental health issues to get their hands on a gun, and ensuring that we are adequately prepared to address the trauma that often affects those who experience violence.
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Photo Credit: 2014 Martha Coakley