Martha understands the challenges facing the immigrant community in Massachusetts. She has worked closely with the community to effectively address problems like domestic violence and gangs, and to protect workers from being exploited, regardless of their status. Martha has consistently voiced her support for comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level, but with Washington hopelessly gridlocked, Martha understands that we need to explore state level solutions to the persistent challenges facing members of the immigrant community and our state. Martha:

  • Has been a steadfast supporter of the DREAM Act, and supports Governor Patrick’s order extending in-state tuition to the children of undocumented immigrants.
  • Understands that the Secure Communities program was begun with the intention of removing the most dangerous criminals from our streets, and believes that if it is not accomplishing this goal, we need to consider serious reforms. She is pleased the federal authorities have expressed a willingness to assess the program; this should be about keeping our communities safe, not about tearing families apart.
  • Will continue to advocate on behalf of workers, regardless of status, to ensure that employers are abiding by wage and hour laws, because it is wrong for any worker to be exploited.

  • Will work with members of the immigrant community and law enforcement to find a common sense solution to the problem of drivers licenses, because she understands that mobility is vital to unlocking economic opportunity and improving quality of life for immigrant families.
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Photo Credit: 2014 Martha Coakley