Bringing down the high cost of housing in Massachusetts is one of the key steps we can take to energize the economy and lessen the burden on working families in Massachusetts. Reducing the amount individuals and families pay for housing, and increasing our stock of designated affordable housing, will add billions of dollars to economy, encourage young people to stay in Massachusetts, and reduce the rate of homelessness. We must:

  • Support programs and incentives, like Chapter 40B, that help increase the stock of housing affordable to low-income and moderate-income households. The current housing shortage threatens our competitiveness as recent grads and young professionals can’t afford to stay, and it places impossible burdens on lower-income working families and seniors.
  • Ensure that housing is considered as part of our environmental and healthcare priorities. Housing is a critical component in our efforts to preserve our environment and improve public health; thus, housing should be a priority across state agencies.

  • Support individuals and families to reduce the number of people who become homeless and ease the transition for those moving back to permanent housing. To effectively address homelessness, we need to tackle the underlying causes, including behavioral health, and help individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness, including offering easy access to services like job training, child care, and substance abuse counseling.
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Photo Credit: 2014 Martha Coakley