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Martha CoakleyDear Friends,

You have been such a loyal friend and supporter, and I wanted you to be the first to know that today I took out nomination papers to seek re-election as your Attorney General.

There is no question that the families I have met across this Commonwealth are struggling right now. There is an incredible sense of insecurity and uncertainty in so many people's daily lives.

Now more than ever, people need and expect their government to be working effectively for them. And they should accept nothing less.

That is why I am running for Attorney General. I understand the important work this office does in standing up for people and getting things done that matter in their lives. I want to continue to lead those fights on your behalf.

We will continue to stand up for taxpayers and hold the companies who caused this economic collapse accountable. We will challenge utility and health care companies to keep costs down for families and businesses. And we will continue the important work of protecting our children from the new and growing threats to their safety.

We will work every day dedicated to meeting these challenges and more, and I am energized by the opportunities to continue that important work on your behalf.

Thank you again for all that you have done and I am asking for your support in this race. I look forward to seeing you out on the campaign trail.

With Best Wishes,

Martha Coakley

Martha Coakley

P.S. If you would like to volunteer or help with our campaign, please visit

Posted 19:15PM on February 09 2010
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Posted by Kate Norton at 03:11PM on February 12 2010

Sincere thanks for your words of support! Stay tuned here on and on the blog for the latest news and updates from the campaign trail!

Posted by Awilda Pimentel at 06:50PM on February 10 2010

I will be there to support you! Count on me!!

Posted by Marty Foster at 01:28PM on February 10 2010

This is great news for the citizens of the Commonwealth. You have been a great Attorney General and we fortunate to have you continue in that postion.

Posted by JP at 11:08AM on February 10 2010

Good to see you throw your hat back in the ring. Thank you for your tireless efforts to serve the people.

Posted by Jeanne E. Craigie at 07:42PM on February 09 2010

I am so happy that you have decide to run again--I have always supported you and admired your discipline and stances. I just pulled out my nomination papers to run for Stoneham School Committee, I served for 12 years and now it is time to bring back proven leadership!
My best !
as Always,
Jeanne E. Craigie

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