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Reprehensible anti-Coakley ad

By Bill Everhart // October 5, 2014

The TV ad from a superPAC supporting Republican gubernatorial candidate Charles Baker that lays the deaths of children under the care of the troubled Department of Children’s Services on Attorney General and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley is loathsome even by superPAC standards. Baker, while clucking distastefully at its tone, has not disavowed it, as he should.

The ad attacks Coakley for fighting a lawsuit brought by an organization called Children’s Rights ostensibly on behalf of children abused while in foster care. The AG was right to do so as a lawsuit by an outside group was not the answer to the DCF’s problems. They can only be corrected within the state and reform measures have been instituted.

Coakley has an excellent record on children’s rights and the superPAC ad is misleading and the cheapest of cheap shots. It may backfire by reminding voters that a commission found that the DCF was suffering from an “organizational breakdown” 20 years ago when the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees DCF, was headed by one Charles Baker.

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