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Growth Strategy Focuses On Investing In Workforce, Regional Development 

BOSTON - Wednesday, October 8, 2014 – Martha Coakley and Steve Kerrigan today outlined a comprehensive, inclusive and forward-looking plan to turn the Massachusetts economy around and give everyone a fair shot at opportunity. 

The plan focuses on making strategic investments in our workforce, building economic growth in each region, creating a fairer and more competitive business climate, and promoting fairness for all workers.

“Massachusetts has survived one of the toughest recessions in our memory, and now it’s time to build an economy back on our terms,” said Coakley. “I believe that means we must continue to invest in our greatest strength – our people. Our economic plan calls for investments in our education system to give every person the skills they need to compete in a global economy, and building upon the unique strengths of each region to grow jobs across the Commonwealth.”

“Martha Coakley and I know we need to invest in Massachusetts, to grow jobs in each region and support the hubs of innovation in addition to Greater Boston,” said Kerrigan. “Because Martha is from the Berkshires and I’m from Central Massachusetts, we see the importance of that regional approach, we see the importance of investing in education and our people and our plan will help continue to lift our economy and all workers – not just the ones at the top.”

The Coakley-Kerrigan Economic Plan will:

  • Promote an outstanding, affordable educational experience for all, from expanding access to early education through higher education, where tomorrow’s leaders are trained in both new economy technology skills and the core fundamentals, and training aligns with current and future industry needs;
  • Create a community-and-region-based partnership model through the MassRISE Initiative, which makes $400 million in the state’s capital funds available over 10 years for targeted infrastructure investments, and $100 million available for targeted regional economic development projects;
  • Foster a predictable and collaborative business environment, where regulatory red tape is reduced, industry always has a seat at the table with government, and we all work together to confront the spiraling costs of health care and energy, helping our local industries compete and thrive;
  • Fully realize the potential of our new economy grounded in innovation, technology, and start-up entrepreneurship, helping it provide greater economic benefit and opportunity to all our residents and regions; and
  • Ensure a level and inclusive playing field for the Commonwealth’s workers and businesses, allowing all people and companies a fair shake at the chance to attain their maximum potential.

To read the full plan, click here.


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Photo Credit: 2014 Martha Coakley