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SOMERVILLE – Wednesday, October 15, 2014 – Martha Coakley today announced that as Governor she will convene a team of experts to evaluate the Commonwealth's current emergency response protocols, assess continuing challenges, and identify how the state's response to emergencies can be improved. Coakley is proposing the Preparedness Council in the face of emerging public safety and health challenges, including the threat of ebola around the world.

The Council will be led by Dr. Don Berwick and homeland security expert Juliette Kayyem and will work across government levels with health providers and the business community to evaluate the Commonwealth's preparedness on issues such as homeland security, cyber security and public health emergencies, and advise the Governor on improvements that must be made. Seamless cooperation between these various groups is essential, especially with the emerging global challenges of the 21st century.

“As a District Attorney and Attorney General, I have experience working with state and federal partners, local law enforcement, and others in the community to confront the public safety challenges we all face," Coakley said. "MEMA has done a very good job in Massachusetts, but recent events are further reminders that the threats to our health and security are constantly evolving, and the next Governor must be vigilant in making sure we are prepared for any challenge.”

"As these past weeks have made crystal clear, making sure that our state is prepared for health emergencies must be a major goal for our next Governor,” Berwick said. “I am honored to join with Attorney General Coakley to ensure that Massachusetts is ready both to prevent and to respond to any of these challenges."

"As I spoke about during my campaign, making sure Massachusetts is prepared for any threats is one of the critical roles for our next Governor,” Kayyem said. “Homeland security is about protecting our communities and our families, whether the threat is terrorism, Ebola, or climate change. I'm honored to assist Martha Coakley in this work for the safety and security of all of our residents." 

The Council will include representatives from state government, law enforcement, state and local emergency management agencies, healthcare providers, first responders, non-profits and the business community.


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Photo Credit: 2014 Martha Coakley