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SOMERVILLE - Tuesday, October 14, 2014 - This week, Charlie Baker launched television advertisements touting his job creation credentials. Yet he fails to mention his record of outsourcing over 600 jobs while CEO of Harvard Pilgrim, including moving some IT and help desk jobs from Massachusetts to India. Baker, donning a tuxedo for the occasion, went on to accept an “Outsourcing Excellence Award” in 2008 while touting the benefits of the outsourcing program.

Baker’s decision to continue sending jobs overseas, even after the “turnaround” at Harvard Pilgrim was completed, counters his message on the trail that he will help create and keep good jobs in Massachusetts.

In fact, one of Baker’s executives commended the work-product of the staff in India, and implied that more work could be sent overseas: “The staff in India is very well-trained, doing great work, and eager to take on more.”

“We’ve already learned that while Charlie Baker was turning around Harvard Pilgrim, he did it while raising premiums, cutting coverage for seniors, and tripling his own salary to $1.7 million,” Coakley campaign manager Tim Foley said. “Now we learn that even after the turnaround was complete, he continued to send jobs overseas that could have been filled by hard-working men and women of Massachusetts. This is further proof that while Martha Coakley will fight on the side of working families, Charlie will focus on people at the top and leave everyone else behind.” 

Baker receiving “Outsourcing Excellence Award” in 2008

A record of outsourcing has become a problem for Republicans across the country, including Georgia senate candidate David Perdue who admitted to his role as a CEO in seeking to cut costs by outsourcing jobs to Asia. And Mitt Romney’s record of outsourcing jobs overseas was a major flashpoint in the 2012 presidential campaign.

For an article on Baker’s outsourcing, visit here.


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