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Senator Elizabeth Warren Endorses Martha

Senator Elizabeth Warren visited Coakley campaign HQ in Somerville last Saturday to officially endorse Martha in the race for Governor. Joined by expert grassroots organizer John Walsh and the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor Steve Kerrigan, Martha and Senator Warren fired up the crowd and laid out a clear path to victory in November!

We were so excited to welcome Senator Warren back to her old campaign office, and even more excited after her rousing speech!

[Martha] has stood up to the big banks! When they came to Massachusetts to cheat our families, to trick people, she was the one on the front lines who said, "You're gonna have to go through me!" -Elizabeth


She led a revolution across this country of Attorneys General to fight back against those who were cheating our families and taking our homes. -Elizabeth

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Photo Credit: 2014 Martha Coakley