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Coakley-Kerrigan Campaign Momentum Builds Following Win

Martha Coakley and Steve Kerrigan have launched an aggressive campaign following their victories in the Democratic primaries for Governor and Lieutenant Governor last Tuesday, picking up the support of voters across Massachusetts and uniting Democrats to win in November. 

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"U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren... said she is confident the attorney general has what it takes to defeat GOP nominee Charlie Baker. 'Martha just needs to get out and talk about her vision for building Massachusetts. She has all the right basics and we know who Martha Coakley is — she was an outstanding attorney general who fought on behalf of the people of Massachusetts. She was out there day in and day out making it happen and now she is going to make it happen as a candidate for governor.' "

-Owen Boss, Boston Herald, 9/13/14

“ 'Steve’s committed to the values that I share of democracy and equality and opportunity,' said Coakley.  After Tuesday’s primary, the Coakley and Kerrigan teams began meeting right away, coordinating schedules, making phone calls and aligning their messages around issues such as regional economic development, education, and access to mental health services."

-Akilah Johnson, Boston Globe, 9/13/14

"Democrats, [Governor Patrick] said, should be “worried . . . nervous . . . agitated and willing to break a sweat” to win votes for Coakley — because in Coakley, 'We have the right standard bearer,' along with the right vision and a plan."

-Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe, 9/11/14

"Unlike Baker, Coakley has her 
issues defined right from the opening bell. Women, children, compassion. Taking on the wealthy big shots and protecting the poor and middle class."

-John Nucci, Boston Herald, 9/14/14

"Attorney General Martha Coakley basked in the support of fellow Democrats from across the state at a party unity event on Saturday morning, as one political friend after another pledged to work every day to make sure she wins the race for governor."

" 'I will devote every single day of my life that I'm asked to, over the next 52 days, to making Martha Coakley governor. When we are unified, we win,' Grossman said."

-Brian Steele, Mass Live, 9/13/14

"Democrat Martha Coakley stood in a union office in Dorchester between two high-profile Democratic US Senators Sunday and trumpeted her support for an earned-sick time state ballot initiative. Coakley portrayed herself as the gubernatorial candidate who would look out for the interests of women, working people, and economic fairness far better than her Republican rival, who opposes the initiative."

-Joshua Miller, Boston Globe, 9/14/15

".. a deeper dive into the returns show Coakley won because she posted huge numbers in urban areas and lower-income communities — the same spots she will need to win in a November matchup against Charlie Baker, the Republican nominee for governor."

-Paul McMorrow, WBUR, 9/11/14 

"November’s ballot will feature no fewer than four Democratic women vying for six statewide offices...

....During the campaign, the three seeking offices new to them, Coakley, Healey, and Goldberg, all pushed hard and often against Supreme Court decisions striking down the state’s 35-foot abortion clinic buffer zone and allowing closely held companies to opt out of insurance coverage for contraception."

-Yvonne Abraham, Boston Globe, 9/11/14


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