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Law Enforcement

"Martha Coakley has been an effective partner in targeting online predators.  Together we have conducted joint investigations and prosecutions that have resulted in convictions of these criminals. The result is that the citizens of the Commonwealth, especially our most vulnerable citizens – children and the elderly – are safe from these predators who use the Internet to steal their innocence or their life savings." Essex District Attorney Jon Blodgett

"I have worked with Martha Coakley over the last four years on issues such as domestic violence, child abuse and elder abuse. That work leads me to believe that Martha Coakley deserves to be re-elected as Attorney General of the Commonwealth." Worcester County District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr.

"Let’s remember why we elected Martha Coakley District Attorney and Attorney General in the first place.  It wasn’t only because she knew her way around a courtroom, but because she knew her way around our neighborhoods, where justice and injustice are felt much more acutely. It wasn’t only because she has a first-rate public policy mind, but because she listens to victims of crime and translates their hurt and frustrations into solutions that work and give us hope." Suffolk District Attorney Dan Conley

"I urge the voters of Massachusetts to keep Martha Coakley doing the fine job she has for the past four years. Martha has used the office of the Attorney General to protect the public’s rights and safeguard their resources, and has been and ally and a friend to her fellow prosecutors and partners in law enforcement.  I commend the integrity that Martha brings to the Office, I applaud her commitment to upholding our laws, and I am proud to join her in ensuring justice and safety for the citizens of the Commonwealth." Berkshire County District Attorney David Capeless

"I am pleased to endorse Martha Coakley for another term as Attorney General. She has fought hard – and succeeded at – protecting Massachusetts citizens by taking on entrenched special interests, negotiating with other Attorneys General to create stricter restrictions on social networking sites like MySpace, and attacking the growing problem of cyber crimes." Bristol District Attorney Samuel Sutter

"Martha Coakley is the only candidate in this race with the experience to protect our kids, seniors and the most vulnerable. Martha has 25 years of experience protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth – the victims, the witnesses, everybody that has been preyed upon through crime in Massachusetts." Former Suffolk County District Attorney Newman Flanagan

"Martha Coakley is clearly the best candidate and I urge the voters of Massachusetts to keep Martha doing the fine job she has for the past four years. Martha has been an ally and a friend to her fellow prosecutors and partners in law enforcement and I am proud to support her in ensuring justice and safety for the citizens of the Commonwealth." Former Worcester County District Attorney John Conte

"From her days as District Attorney to her leadership now as our Attorney General, we couldn’t ask for a stronger advocate for public safety. There’s no doubt in the minds of our police officers that Martha Coakley has done a fantastic job working with them to help keep people across Massachusetts safe." James Machado, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Police Association

"Martha Coakley has been fighting to keep people safe as a prosecutor for almost 25 years, and it’s been a pleasure to work with her. It is so important that we have someone with her commitment to the safety of our citizens working with our police officers every day." Hugh Cameron, President of the Massachusetts Coalition of Police

"There is only one candidate in this race with the experience to protect our young, protect our elderly, and to work in the cyber crime age. Martha Coakley is the only one who is going to be able to lead us in to the future in police work. She has 25 years of experience and I’m proud to be standing here offering SPAM’s endorsement to her to continue protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth – the victims, the witnesses, everybody that has been preyed upon through crime in the state of Massachusetts." Rick Brown, President of the State Police Association of Massachusetts (SPAM)

"As District Attorney and Attorney General, Martha Coakley has been an ally and a friend to law enforcement because she understands that by working together we can keep our communities safe for our children and our families. AG Coakley’s 25 years of experience protecting the people of Massachusetts is unmatched and we strongly support her re-election, so she can continue her work supporting victims, protecting our children online and in their neighborhoods, and preventing crime across the state." Harold MacGilvray, President of the Massachusetts Municipal Police Coalition


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Community Leaders

"In remarks and even one on one, she acknowledged some of the frustrations people had with her campaign and said she was ready to move forward. She graciously acknowledged that her campaign could have done things differently." Shawn Fitzgibbons, vice chairman of the Newton Democratic City Committee

"Attorney General Martha Coakley knows instinctively what our students demonstrate every day: every person has unique and valuable abilities. Her tireless work and leadership to make technology and tools of social and public interaction accessible to all people has literally changed lives for individuals across the Commonwealth and nationally. The commitment and energy of Coakley and her impressive staff is quite remarkable." Steven Rothstein, President of the Perkins School for the Blind

"In October of 1997, Martha Coakley became one of our heroes. Martha brought hope to my devastated family. ... Our family is deeply grateful that Martha has chosen a 25-year career protecting the public from crime of all sorts. I know that my family – children, disabled, and elderly – are safer because of Martha Coakley’s service to the state of Massachusetts. It is with deep respect and admiration that we emphatically state that there is no better person for the job of Attorney General than Martha Coakley." Debbie Eappen, mother of Matthew "Matty" Eappen, an eight-month old baby who in 1997 was the victim of abuse and killed by his nanny

"Attorney General Martha Coakley filed suit against the federal government challenging the constitutionality of DOMA, which she describes as ‘unjust, unfair, and unconstitutional.’ Coakley’s opponent has said repeatedly that he would not have filed the law because it amounts to policymaking. But ensuring that all citizens of the Commonwealth have equal access to government-sponsored benefits and protections is a basic function of the Attorney General’s job, and Martha Coakley is the candidate who will support and advance LGBT equality." Kara Suffredini, Executive Director of MassEquality

"Martha Coakley and the Attorney General’s Office have a proven track record of helping the motorcyclists’ of Massachusetts immensely, specifically over the last couple of years." Rick Gleason, Treasurer of the Massachusetts Motorcycle Political Action Committee

“The AGO has been very responsive communicating with the MMA throughout this ongoing process to get millions of dollars back into the hands of the motorcycle riders in Massachusetts." Doc D’Errico, Safety & Education Director of the Massachusetts Motorcycle Political Action Committee  


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Newspaper Endorsements

"Her current job is a natural fit. She deserves to keep it. ... With Coakley, on the other hand, voters know what they are getting — a savvy, experienced watchdog over the safety and economic interests of Massachusetts residents. She deserves a second term." Boston Globe, 10/21/10

"Coakley could have simply run out the clock on her first term as attorney general. Instead she returned with a workmanlike focus. Even without a Republican opponent in the early going ... she wisely began reintroducing herself to voters and touting her record as AG. It is a solid record, and the Herald is pleased to endorse Martha Coakley for election to a second term as attorney general." Boston Herald, 10/21/10

"In our view, Ms. Coakley has answered such criticism fully and carefully, if not always to everyone’s satisfaction. But the job of attorney general, while elected, is in a deep sense no popularity contest. It’s hard work, and hardly glamorous. Ms. Coakley has the appetite and experience for it. She has earned re-election." Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 10/25/10

"She deserves a rousing vote of confidence. ... Instead of licking her wounds after a tough defeat, she immediately began reconnecting with voters across the state, taking nothing for granted in her bid for re-election. That's good, though Coakley's record should speak for itself." 10/23/10: Metrowest Daily News, Milford Daily News

"Failed Senate bid aside, Coakley’s record speaks for itself. She has had four years serving as the state’s attorney general, fighting against discrimination by suing the federal government over the Defense of Marriage Act and investigating and securing multi-million dollar settlements from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley after the subprime mortgage disaster. She has also stood up for victims of crime as Middlesex County district attorney and prosecuted dozens of violent criminals as an assistant district attorney." 10/20/10:Newton TAB, Brookline TAB, Somerville Journal, Cambridge Chronicle, Waltham News Tribune, Norwood Transcript


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In the News

"But since January, she has handled herself with a grace few in her situation could muster. She poked fun at herself at the St. Patrick’s Day breakfast. And she threw herself back into her work, winning tens of millions from financial firm Morgan Stanley for its role in the subprime mortgage crisis, opposing a National Grid rate hike, and successfully challenging the Defense of Marriage Act in federal court. And she’s been out there since February, outside supermarkets, doing door-knocks, at fairs and parades." Yvonne Abraham, Boston Globe, 10/14/10

"Even before a Republican opponent reared up, Ms. Coakley had spent months publicly atoning for missteps in the Senate race and trying to salvage her reputation. Almost immediately after the January election, she started collecting signatures to qualify for the ballot in the attorney general’s race, standing on Saturday mornings outside suburban grocery stores and accepting more than a few brickbats from Democrats still outraged by her loss." New York Times, 10/13/10

"This time, Martha Coakley isn't taking the election sitting down -- and she's "taking no vote for granted," she said. The state attorney general, who is up again for re-election in November, made a campaign stop in Lowell yesterday to meet with Mayor James Milinazzo and police Superintendent Kenneth Lavallee, tour the city's hotspots of violent crime and discuss ways her office can help in the fight. But the attorney general also was taking to the streets of downtown Lowell, shaking hands, saying hello, and jauntily introducing herself to constituents in the hot midday sun." Lowell Sun, 9/30/10

"Anyone anticipating a rerun of the Martha Coakley-Scott Brown campaign in November may be in for a disappointment. ... There is scant evidence that Democrats who voted in the Sept. 14 primary are in any way deserting Coakley. She gathered the most votes (352,965) among the four unopposed Democrats on the ballot ... and the fewest blanks. This lack of animosity is due in part to the fact that Coakley did not whine after her Senate defeat. Instead, she went back to work dealing with the day-to-day operation of the Attorney General's Office." Lowell Sun, 9/28/10

Despite a drizzly gray day, Attorney General Martha Coakley looked like she was actually having fun doing the kind of 'retail politics' she was accused of neglecting during her unsuccessful race against U.S. Sen. Scott Brown last winter. ... The Democratic attorney general chatted with a car mechanic, baker, optician, nurses union officials and people on the street, finishing up for lunch at Mac’s Diner, a favorite haunt of politicians, police officers and working people." Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 9/28/10

"Attorney General Martha Coakley has obtained three times as many court orders requiring people to stay away from individuals they allegedly targeted in hate crimes since 2007 as her predecessor did in the prior four years, according to statistics supplied by her office. ... Most of the surge in injunctions – essentially restraining orders that threaten violators with jail – stems from more aggressive enforcement by her office of the Massachusetts civil rights law, [Coakley] said. She has made obtaining such orders a high priority, she said, encouraging advocacy groups and police departments to alert her to hate crimes and directing her staff to read news accounts to determine whether to seek injunctions." Boston Globe, 8/31/10

"The antidote to infamy is to do her job. Yesterday, Coakley, with her usual calm, noted that the failures of her Senate campaign had nothing to do with her service as attorney general. … Or perhaps she is simply better suited to being an attorney general than a senator. Never given to public introspection, Coakley hasn’t seemed to spend much time agonizing over a defeat that was devastating for her and for her party. While Brown became a national celebrity, Coakley simply went back to work. … If she has hit a political glass ceiling, it is in a job she clearly loves. … Losing may be the best thing that ever happened to her." Adrian Walker, Boston Globe, 7/10/10

"The early-morning shoppers at Roche Bros, in West Roxbury may have needed an extra moment to place the petite blonde woman in heels. Could that be Attorney General Martha Coakley, who in January lost her bid for Edward M. Kennedy's US Senate seat, in part because she seemed so opposed to this sort of retail politicking? But there she was, outside the store on a Saturday in March asking voters to sign her nomination papers for reelection. And Coakley has been campaigning ever since; this past weekend found her at a Maiden breakfast fund-raiser for Somerville student scholarships. She is running hard — against no one. Coakley ... is determined to earn this reelection." Boston Globe, 5/13/10

"Coakley quickly went back to work as attorney general. She also quickly put out word she would run for reelection, to the dismay of Democrats who were lining up to run for what they thought would be an open seat. She attended Democratic caucuses, collected signatures needed to get on the ballot, and set out to change the unflattering perceptions that jelled against her just in time for election day. … Coakley deserves credit for toughness and perseverance in the face of major political disappointment." Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe, 5/10/10 

"Standing out in the rain this weekend to collect her own signatures for the ballot, Attorney General Martha Coakley is on a mission to reinvent herself after the bruising loss in the Senate race. ... The New and improved Coakley tries to shake every hand in the room, as she did at the Malden Democratic City Committee's St. Patrick's Day breakfast Saturday." Boston Herald, 3/15/10


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