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Martha Coakley Receives Endorsement of Statewide Leaders within the Latino Community

This Monday, Martha Coakley and Steve Kerrigan were proud to receive the endorsement of the Massachusetts Latino Democratic Caucus, based on their commitment to fairness, equality, and opportunity for all workers and families in Massachusetts. 

Martha stopped by Tito's Bakery in Chelsea to meet with community leaders, where she received their enthusiastic support. 

"Martha has been a champion, an advocate, a defender of those who have been vulnerable, those who needed to have their voices heard and their rights vindicated.”

-Juan Lopez, Co-Chair of the Latino Caucus

Martha and Steve are committed to building an economy on our terms, and they have a plan to prove it. Whether it’s improving regional economiessupporting working women, increasing educational opportunities for our kids, or making sure all workers have access to earned sick time, Martha and Steve believe that if we continue to invest in our people, Massachusetts will prosper. 

“I have supported Martha since 2006, because she has demonstrated time and time again her willingness to fight for fairness and equality. She truly cares about the less fortunate, and she battles for us the working class.”

-Community Leader, Gladys Vega 

The Massachusetts Latino Democratic Caucus endorsement of Martha and Steve is another indication of the momentum that continues to propel them forward towards November 4th

Watch Martha's new ad below, and don't forget to vote this election day!

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Photo Credit: 2014 Martha Coakley